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Deadpool and Wolverine


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Marvel Snap



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The project

We had a blast creating this mini adventure of our favorite unhinged anti-hero (and friend?). The animation is part of the series of animations we create every month to kick off a new season on Marvel Snap. This one coincided with the release of the Deadpool and Wolverine movie, and because Deadpool holds a special place in our heart we took things a little further than we usually do with the season teasers. Check out the animation by clicking the hero section above, or follow along below as we share some insight into the process behind the production.

The approach

We loved the idea of a 2D cel animated show for Deadpool, and were a bit sad when the news came out that this wasn't happening after all. So when we set out to create this sizzle we tried to envision what this would look like. This included going for a fully cel-animated (using digital frame by frame animation) approach, adding depth and an added sense of drama through the use of shadow and highlight layers, and combining it all with matte painted backgrounds. Finally we added finishing touches and effects in the compositing phase to get to the final look of the animation.

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