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Mana is a full-service design and animation studio.

Mana is a versatile, full service, animation studio that produces commercial and narrative animated content ranging from 2D animation and motion-design to full-blown 3D experiences.



Where it happens

Mana's main production hub is in the heart of Los Angeles, but our team is from all over. Our time tested workflows allow us to work with clients and creatives around the globe, which in turn enables us to work with the best in the business, wherever they might be.

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Creative Office


Meet the minds behind it all

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how we do it

The goal

Quality work

We’re constantly pushing the limits of innovative storytelling because we believe the animations we make not only reflect you, but they’re a representation of our passion and commitment to quality, too. We hope that, if you love what we deliver, you’ll keep coming back for more. And, together, we’ll continue making magic long into the future.

how we do it

Our process

A great animation partner does more than create beautiful work. We believe it should also make the process clear and easy for you. We have designed our process to do just that. Once we begin bringing your story to life, we’ll share a detailed project schedule so you always know when to expect what. We’ll communicate often, and we’ll gather your feedback at every stage, ensuring your project is perfect while hitting every deadline.

Animation workstation