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Hellfire Gala


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Marvel Snap



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The project

Dust off those dresses and suits, it's time to get fancy.. Because you're invited to the Hellfire gala. The December season of Marvel Snap highlights Professor X, Selene, White Queen, Havok, Blob and Sebastian Shaw as they visit the Hellfire Gala. The monthly development diary update was prefaced by our animated intro to the season as always. To match the intrigue and classiness of the gala, we went for a sort of James Bond style opening through smooth motions combined with subtly animated characters, kaleidoscope effects and of course the music.

Marvel's White Queen in a spotlight
Marvel Selene's heels
Marvel's Selene and Sebastian Shaw
Marvel's Blob
Professor X
Marvel's White Queen
Marvel's Havok
Marvel's Sebastian Shaw
Marvel's Selene
Hellfire Gala Key Art
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