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Guardians Greatest Hits & Big in Japan


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Marvel Snap



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Marvel Snap has kept us busy, and not just because it’s an extremely addictive mobile game. Every month, we create a 30-45 second animation that kicks off the new month’s dev diary update, sets the stage, and hints about the cards that will be released. May’s season coincided with the release of Guardians of the Galaxy 3, and so we brought out all the 80s radio dj vibes, synthwave, neon and nostalgic sfx.. for Guardians Greatest Hits. Crank it to the max and get ready to rock out.

90s TV with Guardians of the Galaxy in an old school MTV pose
Guardians Greatest Hits key art
90s TV
Marvel Snap on neon TV
Marvel Snap cards from the Guardians Greatest Hits season

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