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Nutella &
Sweet lionheart



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Nutella UK had a sweet idea in mind—they wanted to whip up some delectable animations for a promo that involved giving away Nutella piping bags. So, Nikki and Ross rolled up their sleeves and got creative! Picture this: a breakfast wonderland with cheerful coffee cups and grinning croissants, all in on the Nutella action. The stop-motion animation showcased the playful ways you could enjoy Nutella and make the most of those piping bags. Breakfast has never looked so fun.

A nutella stick surrounded by croissants
Nutella surrounded by breakfast food and coffee
A nutella chocolate stick
A Nutalla Stick adding chocolate to a croissant
A nutella stick adding chocolate to a croissant

Sweet Lionheart

Nikki isn't just a great stop motion artist, she's also an incredible baker. Her company Sweet LionHeart is all about crafting bespoke, jaw-dropping confections that are pure eye-candy. To match their distinct style and make waves in the online dessert world, Nikki and Ross cranked up the creative ovens. Round one, they whipped up a delectable 15-second animation, a mouthwatering ode to their scrumptious box of cookies. Then, in round two, they cooked up the viral cupcake video on the right.

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