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Truth Initiative


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Adult Swim



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The project

Truth Initiative is a nonprofit that is dedicated to a future where tobacco and nicotine addiction are things of the past. They partnered with Adult Swim and asked us to create this old school anime inspired animation, epic power-up and limited lipsync and all. In it we see Haru face off with Baron von Oni in what ends up being an unexpectedly short battle that ends with a bang.

The approach

In keeping with Adult Swim's tradition the spot needed to have a funny undertone and pay-off aside from it being anime-inspired. We leaned into this by creating a storyline aimed at getting a laugh from the audience, and supported it with typical anime archetypes, exagerated emotions, and crazy effects animation. All the character animation and effects were cel animated, and for all the backgrounds layout were created before we hand painted them.

An animation layout
A matte painted animation background
Full credits

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