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Planet Hulk


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Marvel Snap



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The project

With this new season on Marvel Snap, we invite you to step into the thrilling world of Planet Hulk with our studio's latest creation, unveiling Marvel Snap's freshest season. This intro takes you on a visual journey along a painted relief wall, narrating the compelling story of Hulk's enslavement, arena battles, and the riveting rise of rebellion against oppressors.

The approach

Our process began with a conceptual storyboard, sketching out the narrative beats and composition. This initial roadmap laid the foundation for the visual narrative. From the storyboard, we transitioned into the meticulous development of a 2D layout which had to be a pretty big and long.

This 2D layout served as the blueprint for our painters, who made the whole thing look like a beautifully ancient sculpted relief wall.

Moving into animation, flickering firelight effects were added, casting dynamic shadows and illuminating the scenes with an immersive ambiance further supported by the sound effects and music. As a climax to the slow burn of the animation we added a flying axe that lodges itself into the wall, and then breaks it down completely to reveal the season's key art.

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