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CES conference animations


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La Poste



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The challenge

La Poste is the French national postal service. Through Paris-based agency Superbien we produced a series of four vertical (9:16) videos that were shown on screens at their stand at the most influential tech event in the world, the CES in Las Vegas. The concept was to have videos without sound or voice-over that would support La Poste’s booth personnel who would present next to these videos as they were being played. We truly enjoyed working on this project though, so we added some sound design and music to the showcased video above.

La Poste animation styleframe 3
La Poste animation styleframe 2
La Poste animation styleframe 1
La Poste animation frames
La Poste animation frame 4
La Poste animation frame 2
La Poste animation frame 3
La Poste animation frame

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